President assures Christians justice in Christmas message

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has assured Christians in Sri Lanka justice in his Christmas Day message.

The President said that he is aware that Christians in Sri Lanka celebrate this Christmas while still anguishing in the bitter pain created by the brutal attacks that took place on Easter Sunday little over a year ago.

“Nevertheless, we have been able to dispel the feeling of fear and insecurity that was generated as a result and to bestow everyone with the opportunity to engage in religious observances freely.  In the same manner justice too will be meted out to the affected,” he said.

The President said that Christmas is a noble religious event in the Christian calendar, associated with the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, which inspires the devotion of millions of Christians in God around the world and second only to the Easter.

“It exemplifies the noble values that make up the foundation of civilized human society such as peace, love, kindness, coexistence and compassion that Lord Jesus Christ preached and demonstrated by practice.  From a social perspective, Christmas is also a joyous occasion for Christian families to get together, exchange gifts, forget enmity and renew bonds,” he said.

The President said the doctrine preached by Lord Jesus Christ encompasses a body of teachings that contributes to the perpetuation of the society.

“Foremost among these teachings is to eliminate the darkness of sin and help those who have been neglected and marginalized with a sense of brotherhood and be committed to the salvation of the entire mankind. This doctrine can be utilized to revive the economically, socially and culturally disrupted world in the wake of COVID – 19 pandemic,” he said.

In conclusion, the President wholeheartedly wished all Christians in Sri Lanka a Merry Christmas. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Criminals who have evaded justice promise justice for the 2019 Easter Sunday terrorist attack. Many say that these criminals supported the extremist group to destabilise the country and take up power.

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