Part of Wellawatte isolated after residents disregard health guidelines

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

A part of Wellawatte has been isolated after residents disregard health guidelines issued by the authorities.

The Naseer-watta area in Wellawatte has been isolated with immediate effect.

Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva told Colombo Gazette that the decision was taken due to the area residents disregarding health guidelines.

Stating that the location is situated in a highly populated and central point in Colombo, he said such behaviour cannot be allowed as it poses a threat of spreading the coronavirus.

Lieutenant General Silva further said that a high number of patients have also been detected from Wellawatte over the last few days prompting the Government to take necessary precautionary measures.

Apart from Naseer-watta, Mayura Place and Kokila Road in Wellawatte have also been placed in isolation from last week. (Colombo Gazette)