“Yasmin’s” cafe scoops out Carino, Coffee, and Cake

Yasmin’s -the ‘coolest’ new addition to Sri Lanka’s dessert scene- officially opened its doors on 7 December 2020, introducing sweet fans to a brand-new creamery concept from its prime location in Madiwela, Kotte. Yasmin’s will be the only parlour in the country serving up the much-loved local artisanal ice cream brand Carino, scooping out over 16 flavours of decadent frozen desserts.

Owned by hospitality industry veteran, Yasmin Cader, Yasmin’s is conveniently housed at the Masterpieces showroom; the parlour interiors borrowing from the classic, yet contemporary charm of its host. Whether to fulfill an insatiable sweet tooth or a craving for a frozen dessert, visitors can take in the large sunlit interiors, in between scoops of an all-too-familiar creamy goodness. Yasmin’s extensive menu includes favourites from all of the five lip-smacking Carino ranges (Crème, Addict, Guilt-Free (vegan), Chill Out, and After Dark), be it French Vanilla or Salted Caramel, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Strawberry Sorbet, Coconut Cream, Decadent Chocolate, and Stracciatella to name a few all sprinkled with your topping of choice. For true ice-cream connoisseurs there’s reason to keep coming back for more as all 50 of Carino’s flavours will be rotated on a regular basis, for both viewing and tasting pleasure. Highly-anticipated seasonal specials and exciting sundaes will also be on the menu for those who wish to indulge.

For those in the mood for a bite or sip of something other than ice cream, Yasmin’s offering goes beyond just flavourful scoops; also serving an assortment of sorbets and sundaes, alongside a selection of baked goodies including the Sri Lankan favourite – Ribbon Cake, the Perfect Chocolate Cake and a decadent Coffee Cake by The Cake Factory. Many a beverage -both warming and thirst quenching- can also be had in the form of rich, Italian Bonomi coffee brews, indulgent milkshakes, as well as narang juices, ginger beer, and iced coffee by Cherine’s Quench.

Yasmin Cader is no stranger to the limelight, both a familiar face and highly respected force among society and trade circles alike. Having previously held managerial roles at the Hilton and Cinnamon Hotels Group for over 30 years, and active membership of the Lanka Alzheimer’s Foundation since its inception, Yasmin has now decided to expand her hospitality and leisure portfolio through this venture.

“Although I’ve had an extremely fulfilling career in one of the most fascinating industries, I have always aspired to having a business I can call my own,” said Yasmin at the launch. “I believe it’s never too late to follow through with your dreams, and so, when the opportunity arose to join hands with Sheriff of Masterpieces, I naturally jumped at the chance.”

“Good ice cream is one of life’s little joys,” she added. “At Yasmin’s, we hope customers will find comfort in the taste and innovation they have come to love from Carino, enjoying it all the more among company, and in a setting that is both accessible and aesthetically pleasing.”

Carino creates artisan ice creams, sorbets, and frozen yoghurts in both classic and wildly inventive flavors that appeal to the adventurous and traditional sampler alike. Italian for ‘love and affection’ Carino has always been a brand with heart, now decades on, continuing to make its ice creams, mix-ins, and other treats only from fresh and natural ingredients. Carino’s extensive vegan range of Guilt-Free ice creams are made with nut-based milks produced in house, with the range’s sorbets comprising of no dairy at all. All Carino products are gelatin free and vegetarian, made up of recipes that keep sugar to a minimum without compromising on taste; instead using alternative sugars (such as palm sugar, jaggery, palm syrups and bees honey) and flavours from natural derivatives (fruit, spices, vanilla, etc.). Additionally, no added colours or artificial preservatives are used in the making of these treats.

Yasmin’s will be open to serve customers all year round, from 11.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m. seven days a week.