SLMC MPs who voted for 20A asked to give explanation

The Sri Lanka Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) Parliamentarians who voted in support of the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, have been asked to give an explanation on their conduct to the SLMC High Command.

The SLMC High Command met today to discuss the issue as they could not meet much earlier because of the coronavirus, the SLMC Media Unit said.

The SLMC High Command discussed the situation after the four SLMC MPs supported the Government during the vote on the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, their subsequent conduct and the current political situation.

After listening to the explanations given by the four MPs, namely H.M.M Harees, Faizal Cassim, MSM Thowfeek and Nazeer Ahamed, the other SLMC members expressed their views.

It was then decided that the four MPs must give an explanation in writing to the party leadership.

It was decided that the written explanation should reach the party secretary and the party leader before 30.12 2020.

The decisions as to what further actions will be taken against the said MPs will be decided by the party thereafter. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. High time every politician starts to get qualified to govern using the constitution and truly do what is good for the people. Giving SLPP 2/3 to Cheat Sri Lankan’s doesn’t help anybody. These politicians who vote for this 20th amendment should be ashamed! You have betrayed Sri Lanka by giving power to criminals… Minorities should tell their politicians to lead by example. Become good politicians and help make Sri Lanka a better country. Give educated people a chance remove thugs and criminals from your political parties.

  2. When a person is elected by the voters, the elected members must not do anything that will harm their voters.These so called MP’s voted for the amendment bill when there was a Pandemic issue and the Dead Muslims were cremated. This shows how greedy these buggers are, atleast they should have bargained for burial rights. I humbly urge the voters to punish these culprits and not to support them in future as they have let down the Whole Community.


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