HWPL members practise love, peace, and freedom for the end of COVID-19

The world is facing a serious crisis with 500,000 confirmed cases and 8,000 deaths a day due to COVID-19.

In such a situation, a total of 4,000 HWPL members, as well as the congregation members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, had decided to organize the third plasma drive which took place from November 16 to December 11 at Daegu Athletics Center.

The drive was organized at the request of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, and with the earnest desire of HWPL members for the speedy development of an effective COVID-19 treatment.

About 1,700 members volunteered to participate in the first and second rounds of donations in July and September. Among them, 312 members donated twice, and some members even donated three times.

Ms. Song who has participated in all three rounds of donations said in an interview, “I had migraine headaches and nausea after the second round of plasma donation, but I am grateful that I am qualified to participate in the plasma drive again this time. I participated with a grateful heart that I can be of help when many countries are suffering due to COVID-19.”

Regarding the plasma donation drive, Hrant Bagratyan, the former Prime Minister of Armenia, sent his message, “the action of those who decided to donate plasma at the request of the government deserves praise. If a vaccine is developed through plasma donation, it would be helpful worldwide.”

The donated plasma is used as a plasma treatment, and the development of the treatment for COVID-19 requires a number of plasma donations from those who are fully recovered from the virus. However, most of them are reluctant to donate their blood plasma because they are already too exhausted from their long treatment, and have even suffered psychological damage. Also, plasma donation itself is not an easy process. It takes about three to four hours per person from going through the examination to getting plasma donation done. There may also be aftereffects following participation.

Since September, there have been only 23 blood plasma donors in Korea for a month, making it difficult to meet the demand on the blood supply. In such difficult situation, this large-scale plasma drive was organized, and Mr. Kwon Jun-wook, the deputy director of the Korea Disease Control Agency, visited the place and expressed his gratitude. He said that the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency will speed up the development of the treatment within the year so that such efforts won’t go in vain.


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