Seylan Tikiri rewards top Scholarship achievers

The bank with a heart, Seylan Bank, announced today that Seylan Tikiri – the pioneering Children’s Savings Account – understanding the importance of celebrating such achievements, has rewarded all ten students from around the island who sat for the Grade 5 scholarship exams this year and scored 200 out of 200 marks. The outstanding achievers who came out on top in the competitive examination that acts as a milestone in their young lives, received a tablet computer each, and a bespoke Seylan Tikiri account with a complimentary deposit with the eligible gifts towards their future to encourage them to go on to do greater things in their lives.

Commenting on the initiative by Seylan Tikiri, Gamika De Silva, Head of Marketing and Sales, Seylan Bank said, “Children are our future, and as the most loved children’s savings account Seylan Tikiri has always been close to them. We are the first to cheer them on their achievements and support them in their times of need. We decided to reward them with the gift of a Tab to acknowledge the future they will be inheriting. We also wanted to emphasize to them the role financial security plays in forming their future hopes and dreams, and believe that introducing the habit of saving to them is the best way to encourage their future aspirations, with this understanding Seylan decided to make deposits to their Tikiri accounts as a reward for their exceptional achievement at the examination”.

Seylan Bank believes in inculcating the habit of saving within children at a tender age, helping them on the path to building a strong financial footing while they’re young. Seylan Tikiri steps up to teach money management skills in young children and to enable their financial success by offering them rewards for their effort at different levels of savings, and a bonus interest scheme in addition to the interest they earn through their savings.

Earlier this year, when the whole island was put under lockdown, Seylan Tikiri continued to focus on one of the bank’s most treasured customer groups, the children, by reaching Seylan Tikiri account holders through a variety of innovative digital activation on multiple Social Media platforms. The Bank also went a step further and ensured that children who won awards in the digital competitions were rewarded in real life with gifts delivered to their doorstep. Seylan Tikiri’s digital activities reached over a million users on social media, ensuring that all the children who missed out on interactive activities with friends at school had a great time, and ensured they remained engaged and motivated during the tough times, ready to go back to their normal routine once the lockdown ended.

Seylan Bank, the Bank with a Heart, operates with a vision to offer the ultimate banking experience to its valued customers through cutting-edge technology, innovative products, and best-in-class services. The Bank has a growing clientele of SMEs, Retail and Corporate Customers, and has expanded its footprint with 173 branches, 70 Cash Deposit Machines, 66 Cheque Deposit Machines, and an ATM network of 216 units across the country.

Seylan Bank has been endorsed as a financially stable organization with performance excellence across the board by Fitch Ratings, with the bank’s national long-term rating revised to ‘A’ (lka). The bank was ranked second among public listed companies for transparency in corporate reporting by Transparency Global and is now part of the S&P Dow Jones SL 20 Index. These achievements are a testament to Seylan Bank’s financial stability and unwavering dedication to ensuring excellence across all aspects. For more information on products and services please visit


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