Movements restricted in parts of Weligama

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

Health authorities have restricted movements in five Grama Seva Divisions in Weligama due to the detection of a large number of coronavirus patients.

Weligama Urban Council Chairman Rehan Jayawickreme told Colombo Gazette that a man from Galbokka had visited a private hospital in Colombo, but had showed symptoms a few days after being treated.

As a result, Public Health Inspectors had conducted random PCR tests in Galbokka on Tuesday (08).

Results received yesterday (09) had confirmed that 18 persons from the area had contracted the virus.

Jayawickreme said that due to the detection measures were taken to immediately restrict movements in Galbokka and four other neighbouring areas.

Health authorities have restricted movement in the Galbokka, Aluth Veediya, Hetti Veediya, Kottegoda, and Kohungamuwa Grama Seva Divisions in Weligama until further notice.

The Weligama Urban Council Chairman further said the Public Health Inspectors report in this regard has been handed over to the Covid Task Force.

Rehan Jayawickreme said they are awaiting the final decision of the Covid Task Force on whether or not to isolate the five areas as a precautionary measure. (Colombo Gazette)


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