Number of employees infected at Badalgama factory increases

Sirio Ltd, a leading apparel manufacturer in Badalgama, announced today (08th December) that 55 of its staff members were confirmed Covid-19 positive.

From 26th of November, the day when it identified the first employee whose PCR result tested positive, till the 07th December, a total of 859 PCR tests were carried out on employees and ancillary staff.

The health authorities have quarantined 984 employees for 14 days at their homes as a precautionary step to contain the spread.

Today, an additional 250 PCR tests will be conducted at its premises, and a further 200 tests are scheduled to be carried out tomorrow (09th December).

Despite its plans to recommence operations of the factory on the 09th of December, Sirio Ltd has postponed it to 14th of December with the intention of clearing all employees who test positive, thus making the factory premises completely risk-free.

‘We are amazed by the support we received from our staff members so far and we are very thankful to them, their families and loved ones for understanding the reality and keeping faith with us. Thanks are also due to many residents in the area for their utmost patience and understanding. Sirio Ltd, as a responsible corporate citizen, will continue to work with health authorities and PHIs to re-commence factory operations soon whilst adhering to strict guidelines and protocols, and thereby to strengthen the country’s economy. We ask all of your continued support and prayers at this crucial moment,’ said the company in a media statement.

Sirio Ltd has its own Task Force, comprising a team of 30 senior members working around the clock to coordinate with all employees both positive and quarantined including contact tracing with the assistance of MOH and PHI.

The team is also involved in grievance handling and organizing the deliveries of essential dry rations for those needy. (Colombo Gazette)