JP Minerva – Intellectual Property Consultancy firm to disrupt the corporate industry with new IP ideologies

JP Minerva, an Intellectual Property (IP) consultancy firm recently launched in Sri Lanka aims to take on the corporate industry and its IP requirements to new heights.

JP Minerva believes that one of the most important methods of measuring a nation’s growth in innovation is by patents and that profound expertise is required in the country to build recognition and shape up the field of intellectual property in Sri Lanka to add more value to the county’s innovation industry. Founder and Managing Partner, Jacqueline Perera, an Intellectual Property Consultant specialized in Patent Law intends to bring in more international knowledge and experience to Sri Lanka, making the firms’ service offering vastly different to the IP solutions currently available here.

“Sri Lanka being a country with immense knowledge and tech expertise is yet to take IP into account as much as the other developing countries have. Being a part of the IP industry that has close to 35,000 Patent attorneys globally, we believe its imperative to educate our country further in this niche field and also produce more specialized patent attorneys locally in order to deliver more” says Jacqueline explaining her objective.

JP Minerva intends to revolutionize the way IP is currently used in Sri Lanka through their approach towards advising clients on protecting IP and by trying to work around what already exists. Their company not only files applications both nationally and internationally, but looks at patent analytics to bring in more innovations to specific technological areas and develop new Patent Filing and IP strategies for companies. Dr. Deepak Singh, Co-founder of the Tooth Fairy app, commented on their work with JP Minerva, claiming that their services were paramount in securing their IP. “The whole process was personalized and professional, giving us confidence in the overall business. Having Jacqueline and her team involved ensured we could concentrate on the business whilst having a reliable support to manage our IP,” he enlightens.

Jacqueline Perera accumulated her knowledge and experience in giving fresh insights into IP through her time spent academically and occupationally in both Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. Having completed a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law from Queen Mary University of London and a degree in Biomedical Science at Keele University in the UK, she has also acquired a certificate of Intellectual Property Law from the Charted Institute of Patent Attorneys (UK) in which she has been a member of in addition to in the International Intellectual Property Law Association. Having worked with UK, European, US Patent attorneys and other IP professionals, Jacqueline has built an international network through her belief in giving the best possible services to her clients in this field and is hoping to gather more knowledge on Intellectual Property to become one of the first Sri Lankan based UK Patent attorneys to serve the community.



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