Twelve bodies of Covid victims unclaimed

The bodies of twelve coronavirus victims have not been claimed by their relatives so far.

Health Ministry sources said that the bodies are mostly that of Muslims who tested positive for the virus.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has already issued instructions to cremate unclaimed bodies at Government expense.

However, legal advise has now been sought before proceeding with the cremation of unclaimed bodies.

Some of the family members of the victims who are Muslim, have refused to accept the bodies as they have to cremate the remains as per the guidelines issued by the Government.

As a result the bodies are lying at the Colombo mortuary for further action to be taken.
An expert committee appointed by the Government has maintained that the remains of Muslim coronavirus victims must be cremated and not buried.

The committee is expected to review the situation in two months and take a final decision.
The Supreme Court had also recently ruled against a petition filed against the forced cremation of Muslim coronavirus victims.


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