Concerns over Chinese investments raised in Sri Lanka Parliament

By Indika Sri Aravinda

Concerns were raised in Parliament today over Chinese investments in Sri Lanka.

illangai Thamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK) Parliamentarian Shanakiyan Rajaputhiran Rasamanickam said that Sri Lankans must be concerned over Chinese investments.

“China is investing very heavily in ports. Do we want to be another Pakistan? Do we want to be another Laos? We are getting into a debt trap. Tell the Sinhalese people this,” Rasamanickam said during the budget speech in Parliament today.

The Tamil MP said that the issue in Sri Lanka is not about Tamils or Muslims but Chinese and the Sinhalese community must understand this.

He said that while China is involved in a number of projects in Sri Lanka, the Chinese have not created enough employment opportunities for Sri Lankans.

“Chinese investments come. But Chinese come and work. They invest and they will take their money and leave,” he said.

The MP also claimed that the Port City is being constructed, not for the love of Sri Lanka, but to have a Chinese base in the region.

“We don’t want to be a Chinese colony. Worry about the Chinese, don’t worry about us,” he asserted.

Government Parliamentarians continued to disrupt the speech by the MP resulting in a heated exchange of words, (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Chinese will not invest, they will only lend in various forms. Now from ports, roads to “industrial parks” with sweet promises of helping our plantation sector. Are we being considered as a clan with a hair knot on the back? Do anyone wants to believe that we are about to receive “Manna from Heaven” courtesy China to sort out our debt woes?

  2. At last the Tamils have highly capable representation. But he is wasting his time talking sense to the “MEEHARAK” in parliament.

  3. China does not talk about how India and the West destroyed Sri Lanka since the independence. However, puppets of the West and India are on full swing spreading disinformation about China’s development projects.

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