Official statement from sirio ltd.

Sirio Ltd., Badalgama is a leading apparel manufacturer in the country providing opportunities for around 2,250 employees, and wellbeing of tens of thousands of their family members. It recommenced its operations in April this year after the closure with the assistance of PHIs and medical officers, strictly adhering to all precautionary and safety measures set out by the Board of Investment and Health Ministry, with the aim of safeguarding its dedicated and hardworking employees. With the intention of further strengthening its safety at workplace, the company has conducted over 900 PCR tests to-date, and an additional 600 PCR tests have been conducted by the MOH office.

While functioning without any issues for the last 2 months, from the date the second wave began, an employee in the production unit who has had fever and cold had gone to the Negombo District General Hospital. The hospital staff have asked her to self-quarantine for 14 days. Sirio Ltd, having immediately tested her during its routine weekly PCR tests, had found her to be Covid-19 positive on the 25th November.

With the prevailing situation in the country and upon advice from the medical officer of health, Sirio Ltd took immediate steps to trace the first contacts and have sent them for self-quarantine. On the following day, Sirio Ltd arranged PCR tests for those first contacts and second contacts as well, and found that all were negative. Based on the recommendations of the medical officer who visits the company daily, two employees from the production unit who showed some symptoms were included for PCR testing. Subsequently, they were found Covid-19 positive on 29th November, and their close associates were traced and directed to PCR tests and self-quarantine.

With the assistance  from the area medical officer of health and PHI,  Sirio Ltd sent another 150 employees for PCR tests on 30th November. The test results which came on 02nd December found and confirmed that 23 of its employees were infected with the virus. All  those who closely associated with them were traced and directed for PCR tests with the help of the Regional MOH Director and other MOH doctors and PHIs.  Sirio Ltd was able to carry out over 500 PCR tests on 02nd evening, and are awaiting for the results now.

Despite the MOH Office of Gampaha District requesting Sirio Ltd to continue operations of its factory, Sirio Ltd decided to temporarily close the factory for a few days to prevent further spread of the virus until the pending PCR results are received.

We kindly request our staff, their families and loved ones including the residents of the area to take this opportunity to act in the best possible way to strengthen the country’s economy by following the guidelines and instructions given by the Health Services. And our thanks go out to all of you who are patient at this time. Special thanks go to all the health authorities and PHIs who have been assisting at this juncture.