Four more coronavirus related deaths reported in Sri Lanka

Four more coronavirus related deaths were reported in Sri Lanka today, the Government said.

The Government Information Department said that the death total from the coronavirus rose to 122 in Sri Lanka today.

The latest victims are residents of Colombo 12, Colombo 13, Rajagiriya and Kolonnawa.

One victim is a 74-year-old man from Colombo 12. He died at his residence.

The second victim is a 74-year-old woman from Kolonnawa. She had also died at her residence.

The third victim is a 93-year-old woman from Rajagiriya. She had also died at her residence.

The fourth victim is an 81-year-old male from Colombo 10. He was transferred from a private hospital to the Mulleriyawa Base Hospital after testing positive for the coronavirus. He died while receiving treatment at the Mulleriyawa Base Hospital. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Can you confirm what other related illness they were suffering from also please note their respective ages all over 70 so fair to say near the end of their dear lives,as ive noticed a common theme with covid related deaths is the victim usually dies with covid and does not die from covid which means they were already sickly ,
    its time we look at this virus the same way we look at the annual flu virus,mild! with most not even aware they are positive due to the mildness of the symptoms please keep this in perspective so we can get on with life and focus on love and unity not this fear that the media is perpetuating.thank you

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