Vajira Gunawardena questions culture and identity in Panic World

Vajira Gunawardena’s work addresses issues and questions about culture and identity in exploring human imperfections or unseen aspects of humanity.

His figurative abstract art, like internal space, explore the furthest extremes of the human psyche.

The subjectivity emerges as a concept embedded in notions of interrelatedness. Throughout Vajira’s works, abstract shapes are placed in balance and dialogue with one another, expressing an essential impetus towards human connection.

His main purpose is to create multi-dimensional work, treating both narrative and form as one. Therefore, he considers it as a survey of a new language of art, interest in bright colours, rhythmic patterning, expressive figurative imagery, and developments in experimental techniques combined offers a new visual format that seeks to communicate to a fully expressionistic borderless painting.

Vajira Gunawardena holds a BFA from the Institute of Aesthetic Studies, University of Kelaniya. His works have been exhibited in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Austria and Netherlands.

Vajira Gunawardena’s exhibition will be on display to the public at Paradise Road Galleries.

Paradise Road The Gallery Café, 2 Alfred House Road, Colombo 3

Contact Tel +94112582162 or email for further information.