Harpic Marks the World Toilet Day 2020 by joining the battle against COVID -19

Marking the ‘World Toilet Day’ held on November 19th, Reckitt Benckiser’s Harpic funded renovation of sanitary facilities at the Suriyawewa Hospital through the Brand’s overreaching CSR initiative ‘Harpic Mission Wellbeing (Harpic Suwa Jana Meheyuma). Mindful of the timely need for enhanced facilities at hospitals during the pandemic, Harpic went on to renovate other necessary facilities throughout the hospital as well. World Toilet Day, an official United Nations’ international observance day, seeks to tackle the global sanitation crisis.

Expressing his gratitude to the ‘Harpic Wellbeing Mission’, W H Mahindarathna, District Medical Officer in Suriyawewa said, “Maintaining and renovating sanitation facilities at the Suriyawewa Hospital had been a challenge for hospital authorities for a long time. Especially in a poverty stricken area like this where it’s hard to find philanthropists, this initiative by Harpic truly manifests their commitment to the cause of World Toilet Day. On behalf of patients, staff and residents in the area, we wish to thank Harpic for renovating not only sanitation but other facilities at the Suriyawewa Hospital. This commendable project provided relief to patients who visit the hospital daily.”

“Annually, we mark the World Toilet Day with CSR projects to develop public sanitation facilities in the country and in the past we have rolled out many such initiatives. This year, in view of the COVID – 19 crisis, we decided to focus our attention on the healthcare sector and utilized a significant portion of Harpic Mission Wellbeing’s funds for this purpose. During the next phase of this project, we will renovate and improve sanitation facilities at the Anuradhapura General Hospital and the Ayurvedic Hospital in Kandy,” commented Chathurika Fonseka, Product Group Manager – Hygiene/Homecare Category, Reckitt Benckiser Lanka Ltd.

While Harpic carries out annual special projects on the Word Toilet Day, the Brand reaches beyond the official day to consistently uplift sanitation standards across the country through its four-pronged CSR programme, ‘Harpic Mission Wellbeing’.  Accordingly, the brand works towards building public sanitation facilities, installing mobile sanitation facilities at the events of religious and cultural importance for the benefit of pilgrims, building sanitation facilities for those who are in need and educating young children about proper sanitation practices.

“Harpic Mission Wellbeing is a fully-fledged CSR programmme dedicated to find lasting solutions for sanitation related challenges that prevail across the country. Hence, our programme runs throughout the year, supporting communities that need help. At the moment, we’ve started focusing our efforts towards contributing to the battle against the COVID – 19 pandemic and we aim to continuously support the authorities and the public throughout the crisis” commented Chathurika Fonseka.

‘Harpic Mission wellbeing’ through the year 2019, has reached out to 3 million Sri Lankans through its 4 key programmes and plans to reach out to millions more in future.

Harpic is a leading brand of Reckitt Benckiser (Sri Lanka) Ltd. Reckitt Benckiser is a renowned global business that operates in markets across 6 continents. Inspired by a vision to create a world where people are healthier and live better, the Company produces a popular range of health and hygiene products that include Dettol, Strepsils, Veet, Airwick, Durex and Lysol. Harpic’s CSR efforts reiterate Reckitt Benckiser’s commitment to conduct a socially, environmentally and financially responsible business entity.


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