Number of areas in Kalutara and Kandy isolated

A number of areas in the Kalutara and Kandy Districts had been declared as isolated areas with immediate effect.

Accordingly the Atalugama East Grama Niladari Division, Epitamulla Grama Niladari Division and Kolamediriya Grama Niladari Division in Bandaragama in the Kalutara District have been isolated.

The Bulugahatenna Grama Niladari Division and the Thelambugahawatta Grama Niladari Division in Alawathugoda in the Kandy District have also been isolated.

Meanwhile, the Government said that the isolation status on the Kirimanthudawa Grama Niladari Division in Bandaragama has been lifted. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There are 2 wholesale shops in Atulugama from which traders in Millaniya areas have been purchasing their goods and would the Medical Officer of Health Millaniya please PCR investigate Millaniya traders please. I recently called the office to notify an issue whereupon I received the sad news that the office is understaffed. Coronavirus is waiting to arise in Millaniya thanks to understaffed offices . The Atulugama — Millaniya connection needs following up please.


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