Government admits to shortcomings in fight against Covid

The Government has admitted there are shortcomings in its efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak in Sri Lanka.

Cabinet spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella told a special media briefing held today, that the Government was implementing every possible measure to contain the spread of the virus.

“The second wave of the coronavirus is different to that of the first wave. Therefore, the Government is adapting to the changes at present. If a third wave arises in the future, the Government will have to adapt once again as that too will be different to that of the second wave,” he explained.

The Minister pointed out that however, the Government has managed to improve its capacity from 10 PCR tests to nearly 12,000 PCR tests per day, and establish over 30 PCR testing centres in the country at present.

He said the Government is focused on addressing all shortcomings faced thus far in its combat against the coronavirus on a daily basis.

Minister Rambukwella assured that all shortcomings are being addressed by the Government and necessary measures are being taken to rectify any mistakes that have occurred so far.

“The maximum measures that could be executed will be implemented by the Government in this regard,” he said.

The Minister further refuted allegations claiming that the Government had failed to contain the second wave and had acted in such a manner due to the General Elections 2020.

Stating that they were baseless allegations, he pointed out these were claims stirred by Opposition MPs for political advantage.

Minister Rambukwella further said that it is regrettable that some politicians from the Opposition are attempting to create issues at present, as this was not the time for political vengeance or trade union protests.

Stating that the Government strongly condemns such actions, the Minister urged all politicians and the public to put aside political differences and work together with the Government to enable the country to move forward from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. (Colombo Gazette)