Justice Minister ready to step down if proven he bent the law

Justice Minister Ali Sabry today told Parliament he will resign if allegations he bent the law to bury a relative are proven.

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Parliamentarian Hesha Withanage had told Parliament today that a relative of the Justice Minister had died as a result of the coronavirus.

He alleged that a PCR test had confirmed the individual had contracted the virus but instead of burning the body a second PCR test had been called for following the intervention of the Minister.

Withanage said that the second PCR test found the patient had not contracted the virus and the body was buried as opposed to being cremated.

He alleged that this showed the Justice Minister was bending the law when it comes to his relatives.

However, responding to the allegations, Justice Minister Ali Sabry insisted that he had not bent the law and never will do so for personal gain.

Ali Sabry said that if there is evidence to prove the allegations he will resign from his Ministerial post and Parliament seat.

He also said that even if he dies he will not be buried if others are being cremated.

Muslims in Sri Lanka are demanding the right to have the bodies of Muslim coronavirus victims buried as opposed to cremated.

However the health authorities have so far refused to approve the move. (Colombo Gazette)


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