RH Training presents Zoom session on ‘Working from Home’ by Kumar de Silva

Veteran personality development and corporate etiquette trainer Kumar de Silva will present his brand new online zoom session at 10.00 am on Wednesday 25 November, in collaboration with RH Training.

Entitled – ‘Working at Home ? Living at Work ? or BOTH ?’, this very interactive and interesting session is aimed all corporates, in fact everyone, working from home in the new normal.

“Working from home can also be an invasion of one’s privacy as soon as the mic and camera are switched on. One has to learn to successfully balance one’s mental and physical boundaries, while successfully navigating the day – all without glitches. Working in a domestic scene is thus a challenging experience. This session aims to help participants equip themselves both mentally and physically, and enhance their experience of working from home”, de Silva says.

Among the topics covered will be creating and equipping one’s ‘workspace’, choosing the correct backgrounds (virtual vs real), setting basic ‘ground rules’ with family members, domestics etc, reducing home distractions where possible, creating a morning routine, scheduling a starting and ending point, different time zones (tailor make your day), detailed meeting etiquette when you are a participant or a host, importance of screen breaks to combat eye strain and brain fatigue, being prepared for power failures at home, and lots more

Corporate discounts are also on offer. For further information please contact Pubudu of RH Training on 0775.200.333

In the past few years, several thousand corporates, both young and old, have been through Kumar de Silva’s interactive Personality Development and Corporate Etiquette training sessions. There have also been several hundred school leavers and undergraduates from national and private universities, all of whom will constitute the corporates of tomorrow.