Thalaimannar proposed to bury Muslim Covid victims 

Easwaran Rutnam 

Thalaimannar has been proposed to bury Muslim coronavirus victims, Daily Mirror learns.

Government sources said that Thalaimannar island had been proposed as the safest option considering some concerns raised by certain experts.

A source said that when the matter was discussed by the cabinet last week most of the cabinet Ministers had agreed to the proposal.

Daily Mirror learns that initially a proposal was made to bury the remains of Muslim coronavirus victims at the main Muslim burial grounds in Colombo.

However, most Ministers shot down the idea saying it may pose a risk and would also ignite some tensions.

Subsequently a proposal was made that Thalaimannar be considered as it is an island with mainly dry land.

Daily Mirror learns that a committee of health experts have been advised to study the matter and revert.

The Government has decided to go ahead with the move, only if the health experts give their consent.

So far the Government has refused to permit the burial of Muslim coronavirus victims on the basis that they have been advised against it by local health experts.

Health experts have reportedly said that if the remains are buried and if there is heavy rain, the virus may surface from the remains and spread to other people.

Government sources said that most cabinet Ministers have no objections to Thalaimannar as it is an island and mostly dry land.

The Government is under pressure from the international community to permit the burial of Muslim coronavirus victims.


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