Minister proposes two options to resume tourism

By Easwaran Rutnam

Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga has proposed two options to resume tourism in Sri Lanka.

The Minister has told a recently appointed Tourism Advisory Committee to consider a travel bubble with selected countries or opening the country to all tourists under strict conditions.

Nimesh Herath, Coordinator to the Minister of Tourism in the Tourism Advisory Committee told Colombo Gazette that a travel bubble with Germany is being considered while the option of opening the country for all tourists with a mandatory 14-day quarantine is also being looked at.

He said that a final decision on the best option will be taken after extensive discussions, including with the Task Force on the prevention of the coronavirus.

Herath said that under the travel bubble, the Tourism Advisory Committee is considering Benotoa, Yala and Pasikuda as the only travel destinations open for foreign tourists visiting Sri Lanka.

Germany is being considered as the potential market as most Germans prefer beach destinations like Bentota and Pasikuda.

If the second option is preferred by the authorities then tourists from any destination can visit Sri Lanka provided they agree to a mandatory 14-day quarantine in Sri Lanka, prior to commencing their trip.

Herath said that President Goatabaya Rajapaksa has advised the Tourism Ministry to look at all options available to assist the tourism sector which has been badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. How can you expect tourists to come to Sri Lanka and spend time and money on 14 day quarantine before start their holiday? Many tourists only come for one or two weeks holidays.
    There are many other tourist destinations available for foreigners to consider apart from Sri Lanka and this quarantine rule will have a negative impact on tourism unfortunately.

  2. Why don’t you become a tourist minister? Do the country a favour by leaving and never returning. Sri Lanka has its share of morons.Unfortunately they are all ministers in Sri Lanka.

  3. Not a practical solution at all. We r etter off being a nation free from COVID firstthan looking to be a USA or a UAE where hundreds of thousands of new cases are detected everyday. Just dont be greedy Mr. Ranathunga. Our local tourists spend more than the hippies visiting with the threat of bringing COVID with them.


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