Introducing ‘Janashakthi Covid Guard’; a world’s first, to keep the nation safe

In response to the uncertainties due to the ongoing emergency situation, Janashakthi Insurance PLC introduces “Janashakthi Covid Guard”; a timely protection cover to ensure the safety and protection of the nation during these challenging times. This innovative insurance solution provides financial stability as well as enhanced life protection and is customizable as per customer needs.

The “Janashakthi Covid Guard” is a comprehensive Insurance product offering several categories such as silver, gold and platinum that can be customized as per the requirement. This insurance policy has been specifically designed to provide the much-needed financial support during this ongoing emergency situation. The key benefits of the packages include cover for death due to COVID-19 or by accident, loss of income due to being hospitalized for quarantine in a government authorized facility and coverage for being placed in an ICU due to COVID-19. In addition, the policy will also cover the cost of the PCR test and most importantly of the COVID-19 vaccine once introduced.

Commenting on this unique Insurance solution, Director/ Chief Executive Officer of Janashakthi Insurance PLC, Ravi Liyanage said, “we recognize that this is a need of the hour and we are committed to support our nation as a purpose driven insurer. This unique solution is introduced to ensure that the protection needs of our community are met even amidst these challenging times. This solution is designed to offer financial stability and support the policyholders in order to manage the adversities and challenges due to the ongoing emergency situation. Through this comprehensive insurance solution, we wish to further established our commitment towards the nation while ensuring the financial security of our customers and their loved ones”.

For further information please visit or contact the Janashakthi Life customer care hotline 0112 636 636.


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