Rosy wants Colombo’s borders shut to contain spread of virus

Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayake wants the borders around Colombo temporarily shut to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Speaking to reporters today, Senanayake said that if the city is not brought under strict control the spread of the coronavirus cannot be contained.

She proposed a 14-21 day lockdown in Colombo to prevent the virus from spreading outside the city.

Senanayake said that no one should be allowed to enter or leave Colombo during this period.

Colombo continues to be a hot spot for the coronavirus with a large number of infected persons being detected.

Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva said that 541 coronavirus patients were detected in the Colombo District yesterday (Sunday).

He said that most of those detected are from isolated areas and people in quarantine.

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva also said that the close contacts of these people have been identified. (Colombo Gazette)


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