Public warned of pictures being misused in social media challenge

The public have been warned to remain cautious when sharing their pictures as part of trending social media challenges, as there is a possibility for the images to be misused by third parties.

A current trend on Facebook urges users to share five different pictures as part of the #5differentlookchalenge.

The Information Technology Society of Sri Lanka (ITSSL) said a number of Sri Lankans are reported to have joined the social media challenge at present.

The ITTSL has urged Sri Lankans participating in the challenge to ensure that the privacy settings on the post is set to the ‘friends’ category when sharing pictures under the tag #5differentlookchallenge.

Pictures shared under the challenge tag under the privacy setting ‘public’ could provide access for cyber criminals and third parties to save the images and utilise it for fake profiles and other websites.

The ITTSL has urged all Sri Lankans to remain vigilant and cautious when sharing images as part of any Facebook trending challenge. (Colombo Gazette)