Korea sees huge potential in bilateral relationship with Sri Lanka

Korea sees huge potential in its bilateral relationship with Sri Lanka.

The South Korean Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Santhush Woonjin JEONG said that the Asia-centric foreign policy of Sri Lanka is in harmony with the Southern policy of Korea.

“It is therefore an opportune moment for both countries to pursue mutually beneficial long term economic and strategic interests. With close Asian culture and complementary economic structure, there is a huge potential to be explored, which is mutually beneficial,” he said in a statement to mark the 43rd anniversary of the diplomatic relations between South Korea and Sri Lanka.

November 14th is the 43rd anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic ties between Korea and Sri Lanka.

“Since the establishment of the diplomatic relations in 1977, Korea and Sri Lanka have come a long way together to form a cordial bilateral partnership. Korea and Sri Lanka have been true friends to each other sharing common values and goals. The common historical experiences shared by the Republic of Korea and Sri Lanka have further brought our nations together. In this context, Korea could help and assist Sri Lanka to reach the pinnacle of national development and prosperity,” he said.

The Ambassador said that the Republic of Korea attaches utmost importance to development cooperation.

“Sri Lanka is now one of principal ODA partner countries of Korea. Korea has the unique experience and knowledge to transform itself from aid recipient to aid donor. Korea wishes its unique experience be common experience by sharing its know-how with Sri Lanka,” he said.

The Ambassador also said that Korea is trying to provide support to Sri Lanka to counter and combat COVID-19 this year, strengthening its cooperation to uplift public health in Sri Lanka.

Under the “Stay Strong” campaign, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea donated re-usable fabric masks to Sri Lanka Army and Police. These re-usable masks were manufactured by a Sri Lankan social enterprise which empowers women. Moreover, KOICA distributed these re-usable masks among rural communities in Sri Lanka to uplift the public health among vulnerable communities. (Colombo Gazette)