Foreign Ministry cautions Sri Lankan travellers

The Foreign Ministry of Sri Lanka has urged all prospective Sri Lankan travellers both inbound and outbound to be cautious of individuals who demand payment / fee or any form of financial charges to facilitate entry permission to Sri Lanka or any third country.

The Foreign Ministry said that no individual or entity is authorized by the Sri Lankan Government to facilitate entry to or exit from Sri Lanka other than the Government institutions concerned.

The repatriation process which was temporarily suspended due to the rising numbers of caseloads in the country, will be resumed in the coming weeks with priority offered to the most vulnerable and deserving cases.

Those who reside overseas can contact your nearest Sri Lanka Embassy, Sri Lanka High Commission or Consulate General for further and authentic information or register your concerns on the Contact Sri Lanka web portal at

The Foreign Ministry has scheduled five flights to repatriate Sri Lankan migrant workers stranded overseas.

The Foreign Ministry had said that 290 Sri Lankans will be repatriated from the United Arab Emirates on the 18th of November and 100 will be repatriated from Italy on the 20th of November.

Meanwhile, 297 Sri Lankans are to be brought down from Qatar on 21st November and another 297 are to be repatriated from Kuwait on 23rd November.

Another 290 Sri Lankans will be repatriated from Oman on the 26th of November. (Colombo Gazette)


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