Pharmaceutical manufacturing zone to be established in Hambantota

A pharmaceutical manufacturing zone is to be established in Hambantota, the Government announced today.

The Presidential Task Force for the economic revival and eradication of poverty has
identified the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry as one of the industries that can
attract direct foreign investments as well as a field that possess a potential for earning
foreign exchange.

Therefore, it has been planned to establish a special pharmaceutical manufacturing zone with modern facilities within an extent of 400 acres of the Arabokka estate in Hambantota so that leading pharmaceutical companies in the world would be attracted.

Declaring it as a strategic development project, it is expected to provide applicable relief and encouragement for the investors step forward to invest in this pharmaceutical manufacturing zone.

Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers has approved a resolution submitted by the Minister of Health for the establishment of 20 pharmaceutical manufacturing companies within 200 acres as the first step of this project and 20 pharmaceutical manufacturing companies within 200 more acres as the second step of the project as well as furnish necessary infrastructure facilities by Sri Lanka Board of Investment. (Colombo Gazette)


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