Gazette issued declaring wholesale and retail price on white sugar

A gazette notice has been issued declaring a wholesale and retail price on white sugar.

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) issued the gazette notice saying the wholesale and retail price on white sugar will come into effect from 10 November.

The gazette states that acting under the powers vested in it by Section 20(5) of the Consumer Affairs Authority Act, No. 09 of 2003, the Consumer Affairs Authority hereby orders that no Importer, Distributor, Supplier or Trader shall sell, expose, offer, or display for sale or supply for sale white sugar above the maximum price.

Accordingly, the maximum retail price of packeted white sugar has been set at Rs 90.00 per kilogram, un-packeted white sugar Rs 85.00 per kilogram and importer’s maximum wholesale price Rs 80.00 per kilogram. (Colombo Gazette)