Number of coronavirus patients linked to Wattala toy factory increases

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

Sixty-eight (68) more employees from the toy factory in Kerawalapitiya, Wattala have tested positive for COVID-19.

Public Health Inspectors Association (PHI) Secretary M. Balasuriya told Colombo Gazette that the group was confirmed to have tested positive following PCR test results received earlier this week.

He said a total of 117 employees of the factory have tested positive so far and all of them reside outside of Wattala.

Nearly 3000 associates of the infected patients have been placed in quarantine by health authorities.

Balasuriya said that PCR tests have been conducted on all 803 employees of the toy factory in Kerawalapitiya, with a majority living outside of Wattala.

PCR tests of nearly 90% samples have been processed, while the results received thus far have confirmed 117 positive patients and some negative patients.

Initially, 49 employees of the private toy factory in Kerawalapitiya, Wattala tested positive for COVID-19 in October.

Balasuriya further said that over 500 coronavirus patients have been detected from Wattala as of yesterday, with over 1500 persons placed in quarantine. (Colombo Gazette)