Grace period announced to pay traffic fines

The Department of Posts has announced a grace period for those unable to pay their traffic fines as a result of curfews being imposed in various areas of the country due to the latest coronavirus outbreak.

Issuing a statement, the Department said many charged with traffic fines were facing a delay in settling their payments as a result of post offices closing in their areas due to a quarantine curfew or travel restriction.

The Ministry of Finance has approved a request made by the Department of Posts together with the acting Inspector General of Police (IGP) to grant a grace period as relief to those unable to pay their traffic fines during this period.

A decision has also been taken to forego the period since all post offices suspended operations due to the coronavirus outbreak to the date on which quarantine restrictions are to be completely lifted to the entire country, when calculating extra charges for the delayed payment of traffic fines. (Colombo Gazette)