SJB says whales coming ashore fearing Pavithra will jump into sea

The opposition Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) says whales have begun to come ashore fearing news that Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi is preparing to jump into the sea.

The SJB called on the Health Minister to do her job before sacrificing herself for the country.

SJB Parliamentarian Nalin Bandara, speaking at a media briefing today, said that the Health Minister has a lot to do before she sacrifices herself.

Bandara said that the Health Minister may have no option but to jump into the sea if she fails to address the coronavirus issue.

“Several whales came ashore in Panadura recently after hearing the news the Minister was going to jump into the sea,” he said.

Over 100 pilot whales had been washed ashore in Panadura this week and a few of them died while the rest were helped back into the water.

Wanniarachchi had this week defended her decision to seek divine intervention to stop the spread of the coronavirus in Sri Lanka.

She said that while implementing health guidelines, she is also prepared to seek divine intervention.

“I am even willing to sacrifice myself if required,” she said.

Wanniarachchi was criticised on social media after she was seen throwing a pot of water, which some termed as “miracle water” into the river to seek divine intervention. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I must admit it is a hilarious statement for a laugh :—)))

    However, we should not ignore the reality. Sea level is rising due the global warming. This week I have heard sea water is entering into the land in Jaffna. Obviously, things are not normal.

    South Asia has two billion people, what’s the benefit other than destroying the environment?

    Chinese state media reports a $6 billion ban on seven key Australian products is imminent. Chinese have backbone to deal with white supremacists, but two billion South Asians cannot question the Australia’s double standards, because they are only exploring human biology to breed as rabbits. Uncontrollable population with limited resources, this creates dependency on the West. Currently, Sri Lanka gets loans to entertain its foolish population. Eventually, your ignorance will eat you.

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