Pavithra defends decision to seek divine intervention

Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi today defended her decision to seek divine intervention to stop the spread of the coronavirus in Sri Lanka.

She said that while implementing health guidelines, she is also prepared to seek divine intervention.

“I am even willing to sacrifice myself if required,” she said.

Wanniarachchi was criticised on social media after she was seen throwing a pot of water, which some termed as “miracle water” into the river to seek divine intervention.

The Minister told Parliament today that as a strong Buddhist she follows Buddhist teachings and rituals every day.

She said that it was as part of her belief that she threw a pot of water into the Kalu Ganga to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Wanniarachchi was speaking as Parliament met today to discuss the regulations introduced by the Health Ministry to contain the spread of the coronavirus. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Perhaps Pavithra and Weerawansa can join each other in a fast to the death to appease the Covid God. The God’s may not be appeased, but the people would be ecstatic.

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