President says public failed in their responsibilities

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has said that the public had failed in their responsibilities and that is why the country is in the situation it is right now.

Speaking during a discussion with the members of the Presidential Task Force on COVID – 19 Prevention held at the Presidential Secretariat, the President asserted that the Government alone cannot contain the spread of the coronavirus.

He said that the public also have a greater responsibility and it is because they failed in that responsibility that the coronavirus spread this time around.

The President noted that when a curfew was declared in the Western Province on Friday several people went out of Colombo to places like Galle and Ella.

He said that was very irresponsible and added that the Government alone cannot take the responsibility to address the issue.

The President said that the authorities must explain to the public the measures they must take to contain the spread of the virus.

He also said that no one should rush to hospital if they have the coronavirus symptoms.

Instead they must contact the health authorities and seek medical attention while being home-quarantined.

The President said that if anyone attempts to travel to hospital they will spread the virus on the way. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. ye blame everyone for living with a symptomless virus that a non surgical mask will stop ….think about it,if there was a deadly virus then medical masks would be mandated and handed out but its ok to wear a cloth mask than prevents the same deadly virus ….laughable
    get on with life …theres a virus every year and last year it killed more than this year we didnt shut the world for that….is anyone thinking for themselves anymore ???

  2. President Gota, what are you trying to infer ?

    Was government policy of only testing people who displayed Covid 19 symptoms, and only minimally testing the rest of the populace to artificially keep Covid numbers down the fault of the people ?

    The greatest blame should be attributed to the incompetents you have chosen to surrounded yourself with.

  3. Blame is on you, and your government mr President… you didn’t test enough, and manipulated the data just to show you had the pandemic under control for political mileage! Now look at the damage your choice have lead us to…

    You are still falling short of pandemic relief to the public, while most responsible nations are doing so much more.

    • Testing
      Mandated mask use
      And Social distancing wasn’t enforced

      Politicians also acted as SL had a vaccine
      As always we have failed again

    • Do you want everything done by the President while the people live an ignorant and lazy life. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is wasting his time. I personally would not do it, because I am well aware of your mindsets. Not even one country in South Asia would become a developed. Sri Lanka had a chance but lost it by kicking out the British to go behind Indians.

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