Nearly 100 whales washed ashore in Panadura

By Vyshnavi Velraj

Nearly 100 whales were washed ashore on the Panadura coast this evening.

Marine Biologist Asha De Vos told Colombo Gazette that the whales are pilot whales, which travel in groups and are known to get stranded.

It has been reported that the whales are reportedly 10 feet in length.

“If one whale gets washed into shallow waters and gets stranded on the coast, then the family too follows and ends up getting stranded,” she explained.

The Marine Biologist emphasized that it was essential for the whales to be returned to sea as soon as possible or in a few hours.

The whales must be kept cool and damp, or in shallow waters till they return to deep waters.

If the whales are not retuned to sea on time, they will eventually die by their organs being crushed due to their body weight, she added.

A special operation was launched to return the whales back into the sea.

Navy Spokesman Captian Indika de Silva told Colombo Gazette that an operation was underway this evening (Monday)with the assistance of the the Sri Lanka Police and Coast Guard to return the whales back to sea. (Colombo Gazette)