Army Commander defends decision to extend curfew

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

Head of the National Operations Centre for the Prevention of COVID-19 (NOCPC) Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva has defended the decision to extend the quarantine curfew imposed in the entire Western Province.

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva told Colombo Gazette that the Government had considered this decision as an option for a long time in the event the virus begins to spread rapidly.

The NOCPC, which is made up of many specialists, had drawn this decision after monitoring and reviewing the current spread of the virus.

The Army Commander said that the transmission of the virus was different prior to the long weekend, 3 days ago, to that of today.

The highest number of coronavirus patients were reported in the Western Province, mainly in the Gampaha, Colombo, and Kalutara districts yesterday.

Concerns were raised as the population density is high in the Colombo district. It was advised that if the spread in the Colombo district could be prevented during these few days, it could lead to the prevention of the virus from being spread to other districts.

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva said therefore, the NOCPC decided that extending the curfew and keeping people indoors during these 10-days will help contain the spread of the virus.

Keeping these facts in mind, the Government together with the NOCPC decided that this was the best solution at present to prevent a large scale spread of the virus in the country.

As a result, the NOCPC yesterday announced that the curfew imposed in the entire Western Province from Friday (30) to today (02) will be extended till 05.00am on the 9th of November 2020.

It also announced that a curfew has been enforced in the Kurunegala Municipal Council (MC) area, Kuliyapitiya and Eheliyagoda in the Ratnapura District from 5.00am today until 5.00 am on November 09. (Colombo Gazette)


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    It is amazing we have so much corruption in the country with so many pious people serving the nation. It is enough to turn the Lord Buddha into a rock.

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