Experts arrive from China to fix PCR machine

A team of experts arrived from China last night to fix a PCR machine which malfunctioned, causing a delay in obtaining results of some PCR tests.

The Chinese Embassy in Colombo tweeted saying the experts will check and maintain all the PCR machines which have been in operation round the clock.

“We learn that technicians from the #PCRtest manu company have landed tonight at #Colombo via the nearest flight, upon the emergent request from #SriLankan
So far the malfunction reason not clear. Other machines will also be checked & maintained, after 24/7 running for months,” the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka tweeted.

Head of the National Operations Center for the Prevention of COVID-19 (NOCPC) Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva had told Colombo Gazette earlier that the PCR machine was placed at the main laboratory of the Medical Research Institute (MRI) Sri Lanka.

The machine, which is the main PCR machine in Sri Lanka, is capable of conducting 1200 PCR tests per day.

The malfunction has caused a delay in receiving results of some PCR tests. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. SLPP what happened to your “Viyathmaga”? Not one of your experts to fix a PCR test Machan!?

    Below 79% IQ is showing, 2/3 voters and their government of fools.

    Or is just an excuse to bring the Chinese into our country??

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