Sri Lanka to send back more garbage from UK

Sri Lanka is to send back more garbage from the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka Customs said today.

The Customs Department said that 20 containers of waste which were lying inside the Colombo Port will be repatriated to the United Kingdom tomorrow (30.10.2020) and another 65 containers will be repatriated on 04 November.

The Court of Appeal earlier this month today ordered the authorities to send back 242 containers with garbage to the United Kingdom.

The order was issued after the case filed by an environmental group was heard in court.

Last month Sri Lanka had sent back 21 containers of garbage to the UK.

The 21 containers were part of 263 containers sent illegally to Sri Lanka from the UK in 2017.

Officials at the Colombo port discovered the rotting waste after a foul smell emerged from  the containers, which had been imported under the cover of metal recycling.

The imports contained a mixture of mattresses, plastics and hospital waste. (Colombo Gazette)


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