Sri Lanka asserts its foreign policy will remain neutral

Sri Lanka today asserted that its foreign policy will remain neutral and non-aligned.

Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said that more American dignitaries are expected to arrive in Sri Lanka following the visit of US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

He said that Sri Lanka will remain neutral, non-aligned and friendly, conscious of the opportunities and responsibilities that come with Sri Lanka’s strategic location.

The Foreign Minister added that Sri Lanka will ensure freedom of navigation in Sri Lankan waters.

The Foreign Minister said this while speaking at a joint media conference with Pompeo at the Foreign Ministry in Colombo today.

“We believe all countries must respect international law, including the UN convention of the law of the sea,” he said.

Gunawardena said that Pompeo’s visit to Sri Lanka has further enhanced the warm and friendly relations between both countries.

The US Secretary of State was in Sri Lanka today on an invitation extended by his Sri Lankan counterpart, Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

Pompeo earlier told Sri Lanka that China is a predator and continues to violate sovereignty on land and at sea.

He said that democracies like the US and Sri Lanka have a shared vision for free and open shipping lanes. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Small correction from my previous post. it should read as When the West had money, Singapore didn’t follow non alliance policy, it completely trusted the West.

  2. SL must maintain the sovereignty of all her citizens, including indigenous Tamils. SL should and therefore will have to accept the Self determination of Tamils, voted by 66% votes in 1977 election, and do reconciliation stated by the US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and solve the disappeared Tamils issue immediately.

  3. The Sri Lankan foreign minister met with Mr Pompeo. But the Lankan foreign ministry dressed as he was attending a cultural event. Sri Lankans dream to become like Singapore, but do not follow Singapore in any way, form or shape, but entertain their dark and diluted minds. When the West had money, Singapore didn’t follow nonviolence policy, it completely trusted the West. None of the South Asian countries would become a developed country. Sri Lanka is very unfortunate, because it is too close to India. China can’t trst the Sri Lankan leaders completely. Sri Lanka has two legs in two different boats and its head in a different boat as well. If there is a war among the world powers Sri will become a war zone.

  4. What a wasted photo opportunity Dinesh. You would have been more representative of Sri Lankan parliamentarians if you had worn a loin-cloth.

    Instead of memorising “key-words” and repeating them like a parrots, Sri Lankan politicians would be more impressive if they actually mastered the subjects of their ministerial purview.

    Listen to Ambassador Teplitz speak on a subject, and a Sri Lankan minister speak on the same subject. It is chalk and cheese, and bloody embarrassing for the nation.

    And so is politicians signing a petition calling for the pardoning of a murderer.

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