Passengers advised to take note of bus number

Passengers travelling in private or Government buses have been advised to take note of the bus number.

Police spokesman, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Ajith Rohana said that bus operators have been requested to paste the details of the bus where passengers can see.

“We have requested bus operators to paste the details of the bus at a number of locations inside the bus for the passengers to see. We request the passengers to take not of the bus number,” he said.

He said that if a coronavirus patient is detected in a bus it will be easy to trace the passengers if the passengers can identify the bus they travelled in.

Recently the Police had also advised the public and three-wheel drivers to maintain a log to help health officials trace contacts in the event someone contracts the coronavirus.

One of the issues which arose during investigations into the spread of the coronavirus in Minuwangoda was tracing close contacts of the patients.

It was found that three-wheelers and other vehicles operating on hire, have no information of the passengers.

As a result the Police had advised three-wheelers, cabs and other vehicles taking passengers on hire to have a system in place so details of the passenger is recorded in the event there is a situation linked to the coronavirus.

The public was also requested to have a log of their daily movements either on their smart phone or a notebook if there is a need for information on the close contacts of an individual if that person tests positive for the coronavirus. (Colombo Gazette)