Skin Drama? Multi mask your troubles away

Vanda Serrador, facialist and former skincare ambassador for The Body Shop, is always being asked for her expert advice on how best to treat skin.

Here she tackles how to manage three challenging skin situations with ‘multi masking’ – the use of two or more masks in different places to give each section of your skin the attention it needs.

  1. “Help! I am a new Mum and I have gone from: Pre-Baby – a 6 step skincare routine I followed religiously, to, Post-Baby – a 0 step skincare routine, due to being constantly on the go.

The sleep deprivation, constant running around, and not managing to eat properly have taken a visible toll on my skin. It has gone from glowing to dull and dehydrated. Do you have any quick skin fixes I could adopt to fit my frantic life?

A. Congratulations on being a new Mum! During this stage in your life, your skin renewal cycles are interrupted by poor sleep and this is taking a toll on your skin. I would recommend a multi‐masking routine to help hydrate and re‐energise your skin.

When you get 5 minutes use a purifying glow mask followed by apply a plumping mask on the forehead for a boost of hydration and a deep nourishing mask on your cheeks for an intense dose of moisture. You can do this up to 2‐3 times per week.

2. I am looking for something to enhance my current skincare routine for an extra hydration boost, however I only use 100% vegetarian and naturally based products – I really care about what I eat, drink and put on my skin. I’m in my 20’s and have dry-ish skin, it’s quite dull looking and I tend to break out on my chin area occasionally – what would you recommend?”

A. I am so proud of you for caring about our precious planet and I feel the exact same way!
It sounds like you need to deeply hydrate and de‐congest your skin. I’d recommend the following masks: a plumping mask to your forehead, cheeks and nose, to address the hydration and a charcoal purifying glow mask to the chin and jawline area to aid de‐congestion. Repeat 2‐3 times a week.

Whilst the mask is on, take this time to do your yoga practice. Flow into your positions whilst repeating your mantra. During your wind down savasana utilise the Chinese technique of ear reflexology. Use your thumb and index fingers to gently massage your ear lobes in small circles. After a few minutes move your fingers up to the middle of the outside of your ears, and gently rotate your entire ear in circles. Great for over-thinking, breakouts, tension and focus.

3. “I’m constantly burning the candle at both ends. I work hard between office hours and then let loose to party with my friends most evenings. You can see the effects of my lifestyle on my normal/dry skin – and it probably doesn’t help that I fall asleep before removing my makeup sometimes too! My skin feels so dehydrated!”

A. Sounds like your skin would benefit from a reboot multi‐masking facial! Apply an energising radiance mask with Acai to your forehead and nose. Your skin will feel like it’s drinking in the rich antioxidants leaving it feeling energised. For your cheeks, apply a deep nourishing mask. Lastly, apply a fresh plumping mask to your chin and jawline to help skin feel plumped with dewy fresh moisture!

You can repeat this multi‐masking facial 1‐2 times per week, and would recommend that every other week you give your skin a superfood feast of hydration and/or nourishment, dependant on what your skin needs, to allow for balance.

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