Anyone showing symptoms of Covid must not be forced to work

Anyone showing symptoms of the coronavirus must not be forced to report to work, the Health Ministry said.

Consultant Community Physician of the Environmental and Occupational Health Unit of the Health Ministry Dr. Inoka Suraweera said that anyone who has a fever, cough or body pain should be told to stay at home and seek medical attention.

She also said that those employees must be monitored by the respective institutions and details must be sent to the area Public Health Inspector.

All institutions have been told to appoint a Covid focal point in their respective institutions.

“We have asked everyone to appoint a focal point who is responsible for Covid prevention and for the worker’s health,” she said.

Dr. Inoka Suraweera said that the details of the officer must be sent to the area medical officer through the area Public Health Inspector (PHI).

She also said that if its a Board of Investment (BOI) institution then the details of the Covid focal point must be sent to the investment zone managers.

Dr. Inoka Suraweera also said that health guidelines have been issued to all factories and the guidelines must be strictly followed.

She also said that PHIs have been told to map all work places and send the relevant information to the Ministry of Health before the end of this month. (Colombo Gazette)


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