Get your daily and weekly readings for free!

A horoscope avid fan or maybe just for fun, Viber’s Horoscope feature automatically gives you daily or weekly forecasts for a more smooth-flowing day ahead.

The popular instant messaging platform Viber, launches its first-ever Horoscope Chatbot in Sri Lanka. The bot helps unveil the hidden influences of the stars and planets in your life and matches it with your personality to predict your daily and weekly astrological horoscope to set the tone for the week.

While checking your horoscope can usually cost you some money, the all-new chatbot from Viber allows you to receive predictions for free. As a bonus, the bot allows you to access your horoscope in your language of preference, whether Sinhala, English or Tamil.

Astrology plays an influential role especially in the lives of Sri Lankans who cast horoscopes at birth and consult it through an astrologer during important junctures in life such as marriage, new jobs or even to find out the auspicious time to leave the house in the morning.

The Horoscope bot from Viber offers a simple user experience for those interested in receiving brief daily and weekly readings for each of the 12 signs. It allows you to find out what your day will be made of, what you should expect in your relationships at home, and work so you can move forward throughout your day more intuitively. Automatically subscribe to the horoscope chatbot when you download Viber’s custom sticker pack to add some starry-fun to your conversations.

Commenting on this unique feature, Ofir Eyal, COO of Rakuten Viber, said “Our philosophy is to satisfy the varying needs of our growing users in Sri Lanka by introducing relevant features that interest them. Therefore, we launched Horoscope Chatbot to add fun and entertainment in the life of our discerning users by making available astrology predictions through an intuitive yet simple bot.”

The chatbot is yet another innovative feature from Viber to the Sri Lankan market that provides its users with an enhanced experience and already has 132,000 subscribers. It has been created keeping in mind the particularly enthusiastic following in Sri Lanka who believe in astrology and its influential power in their daily lives.

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