Journalist Frederica Jansz obtains US citizenship after being forced to flee Sri Lanka

Journalist Frederica Jansz has obtained US citizenship after being forced to flee Sri Lanka.

In a Facebook post, Jansz said that she and her family pledged allegiance to the United States this week.

“What a tumultuous journey it has been. It was indeed a bittersweet moment. On the one hand I felt a huge sense of relief and joy, on the other, there was sadness. Pushed out, shunned, and persecuted by my birth country, the country that I loved and never wanted to leave, America reached out, embracing the boys and me. In this country, I found peace and happiness. Above all, my faith in human nature was restored. Thank you America,” she said in her Facebook post.

In July 2012 she accused then Defence Secretary now President Gotabaya Rajapaksa of launching an obscene tirade against her on the telephone.

Frederica Jansz was later forced to leave The Sunday Leader newspaper after refusing to curb her writing style or compromise her credibility.

The Sunday Leader newspaper has since been closed after facing financial constraints. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Time and time again you proved to the world that you are a hard nut to crack during your hay days as editor of The Famous SUNDAY LEADER, following in the footstep of Lasantha . Sri Lanka very badly misses and lacks bold Journalists of your calibre who will not hesitate to take the bull by its horns to stand by your story.

  2. Unfortunately, people who call themselves as journalists do know the true history of North America. This is the reason South Asian is behind the West, Russia and China. If you talk to Native Americans you will understand the reality of North America. Frederica Jansz was given everything, because she would help the America to occupy the moral high ground, in order to dominate the world in the name of democracy and human rights.

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