Social distancing a must in supermarkets

The public have been requested to strictly adhere to social distancing at public places, especially at supermarkets, as per the newly issued gazette notification on COVID-19 preventive regulations.

The gazette notification, which includes a fine and/ or 06- month jail term for those violating the regulations, was issued last night (15).

Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said social distancing must be strictly adhered to in supermarkets.

People standing in queues at cash counters in supermarkets have been requested to adhere to social distancing and maintain a 1 -meter distance. Health authorities will inform the Police of those who violate social distancing in supermarkets, while action will be taken against both the management and customer involved.

Managements of supermarkets and grocery stores have been informed to enable the facility for customers to wash their hands before entering the premises. Customers and employees of the supermarkets and grocery stores have been requested to wear a face masks at all times. The management has also been requested to conduct temperature checks on customers before permitting them to enter the supermarket.

DIG Ajith Rohana further said that supermarkets have been informed of a maximum capacity of customers allowed at a given time. Action will be taken against those found to be violating this. The management has also been requested to maintain a list of customers visiting their premises.

Both employees and Customers have been requested to remain cautious and adhere to the regulations, he added. (Colombo Gazette)