Ape Gama removed from State Minister Vidura Wickramanayaka

By Indika Sri Aravinda

The “Ape Gama” institution in Battaramulla conducted under the purview of State Minister of Promotion of National Heritage, Performing Arts, and Rural Artists Vidura Wickramanayaka has been removed from his portfolio.

“Ape Gama” is a living heritage museum and events venue with rustic village houses and handicrafts on sale in Battaramulla.

State Minister Wickramanayaka told Colombo Gazette that a Gazette notification was published on the 25th of September removing the institution from under his purview.

He further said that he was unaware as to under which Ministry the institution has been allocated and that it would be done so on the discretion of the President.

A number of changes were proposed to the institution and are now being overlooked by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

“There are no issues surrounding the decision to remove the institution from my portfolio. The change must have taken place due to a viable reason,” he said.

State Minister Vidura Wickramanayaka added however that the Lotus Tower, Tower Hall Theatre, Galle and upcountry heritage sites, and National Museum remain under his purview. (Colombo Gazette)