The art of music production

By Darshani Abeyrathna

Lahiru De Costa is one of the most sought after mastering and mixing producers in Sri Lankan music Industry.

Lahiru shared with us some of the  invaluable insights on the highly sophisticated art of audio mastering in music.

It’s true that some music will make us get up and dance while some songs will help us to calm down during hard times.

Isn’t it a blessing to have the ability to  compose the both types of music .Lahiru de Costa is too good at fixing your mood whatever the situation is.

Lahiru De Costa has been working as the audio engineer of Kasun Kalhari since 2015.

Tell me a little bit about yourself 

I’m Lahiru de Costa and I studied my ABC of mixing and mastering at Music Oven and Hit Factory Audio Institute.

Did you jump straight into the technical side of production or did you start off with playing an instrument when you were young ?

Yes to be honest I started playing key and piano when I was a kid and it was like my passion back then.The piano tempted me right from the beginning and  ultimately led me to music production.All I did was playing piano as if I was going to be the next Beethoven .Like I predicted right after graduation I really wanted to start up my own music factory and as a result of that I started my own production house named “LAV”(Lahiru Audio Vision)

What was the first major project that you worked on? 

To name a few,

Piyath rajapakse – priyawee/ kodre/ai mama adare

Dinesh gamage – thamarasa/ oyai mamai

Nisal gamage- chaarudevi/hamuwemu dawasaka

Dumal warnakulasuriya – nonchi/ hiinaye dawatila

Shehan kaushalaya – ru angana/ apa hamunounanam

Harsha withaage – awathan hade

How does the project work usually? Do clients come to you with vague ideas for productions ? 

There’s really no set rule actually .It always depends on the clients and the masterpieces.

Don’t you get ear fatigue doing that all day?

Yes at times that actually happens .Yet it doesn’t stop me doing what I’m doing .After All it’s the final output I want to release and I go that extra mile to produce the best.

Is there one part of the production process that you always enjoy ?

I love composing, mixing and mastering parts equally.

Your music is immensely successful and heard in the Sri Lankan music industry . What’s your crowning achievement?

I was lucky enough to work with the best musicians in the music arena and I think it was the best achievement so far.

You’re famous as someone who has a knack for new artists. Why is that ?

They are the cream of the nation and they have the desire and passion in them .I just help them out to be the better version of themselves through music.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’ve also been working on the upcoming songs of Kasun Kalhari ,Abisheka Wimalaweera

Who have you not worked with yet but would love to work with ?

That is none other than Umara  Sinhawansha .. I’m a huge fan of Umara and I always think, everything she does is just magic.

How do you balance the family life and your career ?

It’s all because of my wife Sanju Akarshana and my parents. They are the sanity keepers in my life.

What do you prioritize, love or money ? 

Without a doubt Love

Wrapping up, can you tell me about what the future holds for you?

I never know what future holds in store for me. Yet I would like to represent Sri Lanka in foreign land and make my country proud. It’s simply because in Sri Lanka we have loads of talented singers and they have all the potential to make Sri Lanka proud.