Public encouraged to challenge anyone not wearing a face mask

The public have been encouraged to challenge anyone not wearing a face mask in a public place.

Health Ministry spokesman Dr. Jayaruwan Bandara urged the public to empower themselves like they did to when a ban on smoking in public places was introduced.

He said that parents and others often objected when individuals smoked in public, especially near schools.

Dr. Bandara said that a similar culture must be introduced where the public raise strong objections if someone is not wearing a facemask in a public place.

“We may not be able to fully enforce social distancing in some places but if someone is seen not wearing a facemask we must object,” he said.

He also said that health guidelines introduced to prevent the spread of the virus will be made law soon.

The public have been advised to take extra precautions as the coronavirus detected recently has the ability to spread at a faster rate.

Dr. Jayaruwan Bandara said that the virulence levels in the virus has been found to be high.

He said that further studies have confirmed that the virus detected this time around has the ability to spread at a faster rate.

“That is why we are urging the public to take precautions to protect themselves from the virus,” he said.

Bandara said that the public have been made aware on the steps to be taken to protect themselves from the virus. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The virus’ virulence is lesser than that of the state or the gene manipulated impending vaccines. This is how totalitarian powers kill Democracy by encouraging cotizrns to do denounce each other. This virus is like any other we have had since the birth of time. The difference was that we were not tested then. This is how Hitler made German citizens into heartless killers who gladly sent millions on Jews to Gas Chambers. Defy the state instead of denouncing your fellow citizen. Mouths are not meant to be covered. The human body was created to inhale fresh air through the nose and speak and exhale through the mouth. Defy the state before it takes the rest of you. It has infested you with fear- let it not take your freedom. If you are fearfull of an invisible pathogen- cover your own face, but do Not force your fears upon another.

  2. well said….WHO have retracted their statement about lockdowns…stating it causes more harm to the poor ….they WHO have suggested the virus is no more a threat than the flu virus we all get annually…stop this lunacy…. look at the death rate …if 80% of people who have the virus dont know they have it (no symptoms ) then really is it that much of a threat…think people…!
    there are legal hearings and people (goverments and ministers who have enforced this will be held accountable for crimes against humanity.
    these legal cases have started already in Germany…. this disproportionate response must end


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