Brandix chief writes to staff promising accountability


By Easwaran Rutnam

Brandix Group Chief Executive Officer Ashroff Omar has written to his staff calling for compassion after various allegations were raised in the media and on social media over the spread of the coronavirus at the Brandix Minuwangoda factory.

In the letter, seen by Colombo Gazette, Omar assured his employees that the company did not break any protocol when repatriating its Sri Lankan colleagues and their families back home from India, nor did they shift any orders or material from India into the Minuwangoda factory.

Omar also assured accountability after statements were made that the employee safety protocol was compromised.

“Since the health and safety of our employees is our topmost priority, any leader, at any level, who has been negligent will be held accountable. We are conducing a comprehensive independent investigation of our factory in Minuwangoda. We will take strong action where
necessary and address what needs to change in order to prevent this from happening again,” he said in the latter.

Ashroff Omar also notes in the letter that the first employee detected in the Brandix facility has been subject to unfair blame and slander in the media.

“We do not support this and stand by her as we would for all our employees who trust us and are dedicated to our business. Please avoid entertaining inaccurate and destructive communication, which we see on social media. Our factory Associates are the life blood of our organisation and I am devastated at the impact this has had on them,” he said.

Omar says it is the default-mode human nature to throw blame outwards in times of extreme anxiety, as this is for all of us.

“It takes a quietening of the mind to find and tap into the compassion that is also there inside each one of us. Compassion for ourselves and for one another is the need of the hour. I have no doubt that we will look back at this experience as a time when our mettle was tested, and we came through it victorious – as a kinder and more humane race,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)

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