Electronic media urged to protect privacy of individuals infected or quarantined

The electronic media have been urged to protect the privacy of individuals infected with the coronavirus or quarantined.

The Government Information Department said that it has been observed that certain electronic media broadcast illustrations that harm the privacy of individuals, such as the manner they are taken into quarantine or hospitalisation and their homes or their surroundings.

The Government Information Department said that in some cases, patients and associates are perceived as anti-social by some of the media.

“Telecasting of such scenes does not make an effective contribution to the proper awareness of the people. Some people may not even seek treatment or quarantine because of the risk of socializing such scenes that harm their privacy,’ the Government Information Department said that.

The Government Information Department said that there has been a great deal of public displeasure and protest against this negative use of the media.

This has also disturbed the special social mission of the media to properly educate the public at this critical juncture.

Accordingly, the Government Information Department requested the media not to video or telecast scenes that could harm the privacy and social dignity of those suspected of being infected with Covid-19 or their associates. (Colombo Gazette)


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