Germany commends Sri Lanka over moratorium on death penalty

Germany has commended Sri Lanka over the moratorium on the death penalty.

The German Ambassador to Sri Lanka Holger Seubert tweeted saying Sri Lanka has to be commended on its moratorium on the death penalty.

He noted that the death penalty has not been carried out in Sri Lanka since 1976.

In recent decades, more and more countries around the world have restricted or abolished the death penalty.

While fewer than 60 countries continue to impose it, they include close partners of Germany such as Japan and the US. In the US, death sentences were carried out at federal level in July 2020 for the first time since 2003.

In Europe, Belarus is the only country to use the death penalty.

The majority of death sentences last year were imposed in China with over 650 executions and with in excess of 250 executions in Iran.

Supporting initiatives to abolish the death penalty is a priority of German human rights policy.

Together with its EU partners, Germany has been actively campaigning against the death penalty for many years, including within the framework of the United Nations and the OSCE. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why Germans don’t condemn Singapore or Indonesia for Death penalty? BECAUSE THE WEST KNOWS SOUTH ASIA IS WEAK AND SOUTH ASIA’S POLICY IS OBEYING THE WEST.

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